Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lovely Lavender

I just have to tell you about my shopping experience at a wonderful etsy shop! I ordered some lavender buds at The Violet Patch to make some ditty bags and sachets. Well not only was the service speedy fast, but I can't say enough about the product!  I went to my mail box and as soon as I opened it the lovely smell of lavender was right there!  The package wasn't even opened and I could smell the beautiful scent!  I was so excited I could hardly wait to open the package, because if it smells this good before I open it, I could only imagine how wonderful it was going to smell once I opened the package!  I surely wasn't disappointed!  I have the bag now in my craft room, and as soon as you enter you can smell this lovely scent.  This is someone that I will definately order from again! If you are looking for some wonderful lavender buds, at a great price stop by The Violet Patch  and tell her that Karen sent you!


  1. Karen,

    Thanks for sharing this etsy sellers shoppe and your experience with us. I will make a note if I need lavender in the future to visit her shoppe. Isn't it nice to purchase something and have it turned out so much better than was expected...what a delight!


  2. Thanks for sharing ~ I will make a note on this seller. I just had the same experience with someone I bought Sweet Annie from on Ebay. "The Flower Patch".
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  3. Thanks for the product review Karen, so good to find Etsy sellers that you know you can rely on, I will be 'hearting' her shop for sure! Thanks also for your kind words at my blog, they are very much appreciated! Deb

  4. Oh, the smell of Lavendar on my fingers.......Never enough of that!!!!! I can't wait for spring!!!!!!