Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easters On The Way!

Wow last week was one busy week for me! I had so much running around I never thought I was going to get anything done! I babysat my grandsons 2 days last week, which I so love to do! Then I had a Dr.apt for myself, one for my daughter, and a meeting with the school,and a children's bible study class to prepare for. I did manage to get a couple new patterns drawn up and cut out and sewn, I even managed to get a few things finished and listed on my Etsy. I love the warmer weather that we are having and it makes me want to really get busy! Don't forget you can still sign up for my giveaway till March 6th, and you don't want to miss the PAFA giveaway where you can win 21 prizes!  Enjoy the sunshine everyone!