Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to the Grape Vine

I was out and about today and figured I would stop by Grape Vine Antiques once again to get some pictures. I didn't get any where near as many as I would have liked to, because in my dash out the door to make it to the post office on time, I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera ... sigh... but I did get to save enough to share with you on my internal memory. So without further ado, here is a little bitty peek inside Grape Vine Antiques located at : 1036 Cedar Point Blvd Cedar Point, NC. This is only one building out of 3, and only a very small portion of the building. Ohhhh how I wish I had oodles of money to shop shop and shop some more!

Next shop that I am visiting is Secret Treasures ... so stay tuned for my next antique hunt in Swansboro, NC!


  1. forgot the memory card huh?? SOunds like a certain person who will remain nameless is uhh..getting OLD!! ROFL
    have a great day and what cool treasures!!
    c-ya BB!!!


  2. oooo what a fun visit.
    Just found you through the ARtist Blog Hop.

    If you have time and interest, I'd be honored to have you check out a little project I'm trying to get off the ground! I'd be happy to extend the mailing date if necessary.

  3. Good Morning, Karen,
    Eye-Candy, for sure. So if we plan our next vacation to NC, can we all stay with you??

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  4. Love those pictures Karen, there is just loads of goodness in that shop, wish I lived closer! Thanks for your visit today, Blessings, Traci

  5. Love antiques and those pictures are lovely! I just favorited your etsy shop, so many lovely items, I also entered a giveaway at PAFA and become your newest follower. :)