Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Well it has been a busy week, I decided that I needed to make more room in my craft room, because I was tripping over everything! Of course I had this epiphany when I was in the middle of sewing.. lol  I just had to de-clutter and downsize some of the things in my space. So after 2 days of rearranging, cleaning and sorting. I finally have a comfortable place to work in. Mind you don't open my closet lol .. I haven't touched that, and don't plan on it until my husband is ready to make me shelving for in there. For now I just need to put up a danger sign, and enter at your own risk :)
puter desk
sewing area
storage and works in progress
Painting area

I did get 2 more bunnies done, and 2 more are in the finishing stages, I'm moving slow with an upset tummy and a sinus headache, but I do hope to complete these bunnies in the next day or so, so I can move onto some other things that I have planned.
This lady will be given away keep your eyes opened! 

listed on etsy

It is another rainy day here in NC, but I'm not going to complain... I do hope all you that are experiencing the terrible snow storms stay safe, and stay warm!  Have a wonderful day!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook Giveaway and More

This little lady is looking for a new home, and because I have 200 followers on my facebook page I have decided to give her away :)  Stop by and leave on a comment on the post about the giveaway to have a chance to win. You will get an extra chance if you share my page. 

Harvey at his new home
Bertha waiting for her flight
Harvey found a new home with Teresa and is awaiting for his girlfriend Bertha to arrive. Teresa is going to send Bertha to her mother. This is what Teresa said about Harvey : 
Thank you so much for this wonderful creation!  I had gone back & forth for days looking at his pic trying to decide.  I'm so glad I "added to cart"!  He's even more magnificent in person!  The size, the colors, & that face!  I want to have you make his mate & send her to my Mom...can't get enough!

Gingerbread man is heading out for a photo shoot.
This man has flown out to MO for a photo shoot on Friday, he is going to be posing with a sweet little boy. I can't wait to see pictures!

I am so thankful for such wonderful customers :)  I love to do custom orders, so if you see something that you want, or something that has already sold, feel free to contact me and I will do a custom order for you. 
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! 
My wish for you is that the one you love shows just how much they care everyday! It doesn't have to be with flowers, candy or a gift, but with the little things that they do to make you feel special.  Like that little smile, a touch of your hand, and a understanding ear. 
Don't wait for a holiday to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, let them know every day that they are special ! 
Happy Valentines Day ! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Duct Tape My new best friend!

Yep that's right duct tape is my new best friend!  I don't care how many "child proof " locks we put in this house this little man, can either open them or squeeze his arm in enough to get what he wants... so I have resorted to duct taping almost everything lol. My dishwasher, stove, drawers, cabinets you name they all have a pretty piece of duct tape on them to keep my lil man's hands out! This works until he manages to peel it off, and then we start with a fresh piece ... what can I say duct tape decor in my home now! LOL
Not me.. I'm sweet!

I have gotten some crafting in, Miss Ellie is all done and ready to be put on etsy, and I have a new raggedy doll in the works. I also got some new patterns that I can't wait to get started on.. and some of my own designs that are on the table too... I sure do appreciate my husband, who has been doing Mikey duty so I can spend time creating... you don't find many guys like him!

Katlynne and Jimmy
I do have to go shopping for a mother of the brides dress... the only problem is I have gained so much weight since I took a header down the stairs and hurt my back, that I am dreading shopping. My mind still sees me as a young skinny thing, but that dang mirror tells a different story!

I have joined a new Etsy team Folk Art and Primitives I am excited to be a part of this team of talented ladies, please stop by ETSY and type in FAAP and see all their wonderful works!