Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Duct Tape My new best friend!

Yep that's right duct tape is my new best friend!  I don't care how many "child proof " locks we put in this house this little man, can either open them or squeeze his arm in enough to get what he wants... so I have resorted to duct taping almost everything lol. My dishwasher, stove, drawers, cabinets you name they all have a pretty piece of duct tape on them to keep my lil man's hands out! This works until he manages to peel it off, and then we start with a fresh piece ... what can I say duct tape decor in my home now! LOL
Not me.. I'm sweet!

I have gotten some crafting in, Miss Ellie is all done and ready to be put on etsy, and I have a new raggedy doll in the works. I also got some new patterns that I can't wait to get started on.. and some of my own designs that are on the table too... I sure do appreciate my husband, who has been doing Mikey duty so I can spend time creating... you don't find many guys like him!

Katlynne and Jimmy
I do have to go shopping for a mother of the brides dress... the only problem is I have gained so much weight since I took a header down the stairs and hurt my back, that I am dreading shopping. My mind still sees me as a young skinny thing, but that dang mirror tells a different story!

I have joined a new Etsy team Folk Art and Primitives I am excited to be a part of this team of talented ladies, please stop by ETSY and type in FAAP and see all their wonderful works!


  1. duct tape is a staple in our house along with a glue gun and the fire extinguisher LOL
    He is too cute to get into trouble, I think you are imagining LOL
    Miss Ellie is so cute but never as cute as MY doll you made me, it is special!!!
    Have fun shopping, Katlynne is so grown up now!!

    Love ya

    P.S. check out my blog, you might like this

  2. Oh yah, Bill IS Mr Wonderful!! :-)

  3. I use duck tape too! I just told my daughter she should start duck taping the kitchen drawers because my little Granddaughter gets into everything! Plus duck tape comes in lots of pretty colors now!!
    Have a great day!