Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Weekend! Happy Birthday Oliver! Prim Baby Nursery

This weekend started out with high winds, but never did I expect that we were going to have a tornado warning! I started out Saturday helping out at a benefit for a local farmer that has cancer, we served over 1,500 BBQ plates, had a silent auction, and a 50/50 raffle. It was a huge success, even though it was windy. When I got home I was so tired, and was watching a movie with my husband when I received a phone call from a neighbor that said I needed to turn on the weather channel, that a tornado was heading our way! As I listened to the reports, and grabbed a few things to stash in the hallway, like water, our medicins, my purse, a flash light, pillows and a blanket, I made a quick call to my sister telling her that I would call her after the warning was lifted. Not five minutes later our power went out, we were without power for about five hours, and the tornado missed us, but hit with in a couple of miles from us. We were very blessed that all we got was wind, rain and lightening! My prayers go out to all those that were effected with this storm.

Sunday was a beautiful day, and it was my grandson's first birthday! They had a party in the park and we all enjoyed the weather (you would never have believed that just the night before it was horrible outside) I forgot my camera :(  but will have pictures in a day or so to share, once my daughter sends them to me.

I was glad to see Monday, I had PT in the am, and then I spent the rest of the day finishing up my latests Prim Baby Decor.  I love how these turned out and I hope you will like them too.
The Cat and The Fiddle
Henny Penny


  1. So glad those storms did not hit you
    Love your newest creations they are adorable

  2. We are so happy you are safe from all of those storms! They were scary. luv

  3. So very glad to hear that you are okay... Love your new baby prims!

    Blessings, Traci

  4. Love your little creations! Especially Henny Penny! So Sweet! (I see a whole line of nursery prims in your future!!) I know what you mean with the storms - we, too, had a very similiar experience the Sunday before last - It was relatively quiet - then got a call from my SIL who lives hours away saying she heard we were hit by a tornado. Just like that, the power was out (for 18+ hours!!) - but we, too, were fortunate that it narrowly missed us. Just a few miles a way it is total devastation. A week later, we're covered in snow....Glad you are safe!Robin

  5. Oh I'm so relieved the tornado missed you, but two miles away is still too close. Thank the Lord you're neighbor called you.
    Your characters are perfect for a nursery. You're gonna have fun decorating:)

  6. so glad the storm missed you. Mother nature sure has been in a bad mood this year.
    I love love love your Henny Penny, she is so cute. Great work