Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First Clay Sculpted Doll Face
I have been wanting to try this for awhile now, and read a few tutorials on how to do paper clay sculpting on a doll. Well after dragging my feet, and finally getting the nerve up to give this a go, I sat down a few days ago and started her. It's been a few days working on her, with dry time for the clay, sanding and adding more clay, sanding some more, painting, needle felting her hair and then of course making her dress. I am pretty happy with the way she came out for a first try, and now I have another one in the works. I think this is something that I will continue to do and continue to figure out how to sculpt faces better. But as I said I think I did OK for a first try.


  1. I think that she is beautiful!!

  2. Nice work Karen,Love her hon.