Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Wednesday!
Well yesteday I had planned on crafting all day long! But plans get changed lol I did manage to get 3 dolls faces stitched, and stained two more dolls. But then as I said my plans got changed and I got to play with a real doll :). My grandson Oliver came over for a visit and I had to have my Meemaw time. How could I keep crafting when I had this little guy here??


  1. AWWW...How adorable is he!!
    I know jus' what ya daughter had our first g-child/son on May 4th. We jus' can't get enough of him...and everything stops when he is in the house!
    What a Blessing we both have!
    The Prim Patch

  2. He is just adorable! I would leave everything else for him in a minute! I love sweet babies. Their little faces tell such wonderful stories! What a blessing in your life. Hugs Anne