Monday, June 14, 2010

Betsy Ross
I made this in honor of all the service men and women! I come from a family of those who have served their country. My father served on the USS Missouri during WW ll and was there during the signing of the peace treaty, my husband served during Vietnam. I have six boys and three of them have served with one currently in the Marines. I do have to say he wears the uniform well and I am one proud mom!


  1. Hello Karen,

    And proud you should be, very fine looking soldier you have there. God bless those who serve past and present, we can because they do, thank you. Just got a not from Donna, welcome back to blogland, I'm a new follower. Stop over and visit me sometime. Toodle lou for now..

  2. Hi ! I salute your handsome son and all our military that keep us safe and secure. I like the patriotic theme over here. I hope you will come join me soon. I have enjoyed my visit. I will be back. Hugs Anne

  3. Hi Karen, just hopped over from Donna's Blog, welcome back to crafting and blogging! I am now a follower and I'll check back from time to time.

    May God Bless all the men and women serving Our Country, please bring them home safe. Please say Thank You to your Son for me. Blessings, Traci :)