Sunday, August 28, 2016

 Missing Home

I  have been really missing "home" these days! The changes of seasons, the festivals, parks, zoo, and most of all my friends and family! Yes I even miss the SNOW! I have tried so hard to adjust to living in North Carolina, but the summers are just unbearably hot and humid. I swear I would rather deal with tons of snow in the winter than having to be stuck in the house all summer because it's just too darned hot to be outside!  This year we have had 56 days straight of heat index's well into the 100's. That is just too darned HOT!!!  So I have been stuck inside thinking of cooler temperatures, fall leaves and even snow!  My new piece for this week is a Father Christmas, that I hand sculpted. Now I am going to continue to  dream about a wearing jeans and a hoodie, cooking chili, chicken and dumplings. (I swear I'll be wearing shorts until Christmas with the way the heat has been :/)  So I will dream ahead to cooler days and be creating some new fall and winter pieces and dream about cooler weather! 

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