Saturday, August 6, 2016

Creative Paper Clay my experience

Creative Paper Clay
Working with clay has always been something that I wanted to  try, I was really hesitant because it was out of my comfort zone. I had never worked with any clay, my experience working with that medium (other than play-dough as a child) was non existent.  I spent several months researching clay, and how to work with it, I had a package of Creative paper clay that I had bought probably 3 years ago, still sitting on my shelf waiting for me. I also contacted a few clay artists, to see if they had any tips to give me. I can't believe how helpful and supportive LeAnn Kress and Sissy Garvel were! They were a God send!  After finally deciding to pull out the clay and give it a shot, (I figured what's the worst thing that could happen? If it's awful I have a trash can that it can go in!) I fell in love with the feel of clay in my hands! The Creative Paper Clay is wonderful to work with! It smooths so nicely, and if you use a wet paint brush, there is very little sanding needed if any at all. I posted other projects that I did using both creative paper clay and my own paper clay that I made. For superior detailing and smooth surfaces I would definitely use the creative paper clay! This is the first project that I did, it took me longer to finish than the rest because of all the detailing, sewing etc. In closing I just want to say if you want to try clay, I would definitely use Creative paper clay. Jump in and give it a try! #Creativepaperclay
The Start of Father Christmas

Finished Father Christmas

Close Up

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