Saturday, February 5, 2011

BEAUTIFUL weather if you are a DUCK!

Well it's beautiful weather if you are a duck!!! It has been pouring rain for the past two days! Do you know what rain does to my hair???? It turns me into a big frizz ball!!! I guess I shouldn't complain because at least you don't have to shovel rain!  But on the plus side :) since I'm not out running the roads I have gotten a few new things done, that I will be listing on etsy tomorrow, providing I get their clothes done, I will have 3 new dolls listed that are all one of a kinds!  Plus I will be listing a cool candle box thingy, and a few other surprises!  Well I am waddling off to work on some clothes so I don't have naked dollies! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and stay warm!


  1. Quack! Quack! It's raining here too...hope it melts away all the snow from 2 weeks ago.


  2. LOL, you must have curly hair like me, rain is NOT a good thing for us! Can't wait to see your new creations, stay dry! Deb

  3. Hi Karen:) We had ducky weather too, but it didn't rain cats and dogs. Yeh, rainy days are never good hair days:)

  4. I think it is raining everywhere. love your blog.

  5. Great Blog! Thanks a bunch for becoming a follower at Rhodes Creations and I commend you on such a nice blog! You are all an inspiration to me as I hope to have a nice blog someday, just getting started! If you'd like to invite your friends to follow me, I'd be most appreciative and would put in the good word for you on mine! God bless you, Laura

  6. You must be in Oregon. Heheh I am and I have to agree with you about beautiful weather for a duck.
    I am so sick of the rain but it could be worse. It could be several feet of snow. I don't mind a dusting but will pass on East coast weather.
    Love your blog and I will be back, Thanks for your visit to my blog. Hope to see you again soon and I love to read comments.
    Hugs my Prim fiend