Friday, August 6, 2010

A Primitive Journey Chapters

The Jacksonville/Wilmington North Carolina Primitive Journey Chapter has been formed! For all you coastal Carolina Prim girls I hope that you will join in the fun! Stop by and sign up for your local chapter. Don't fret if you aren't in the Jacksonville/Wilmington area, there are chapters all over the US so look for one in your area, and join us on our primitive journey! 

Each Chapter will meet the 3rd Saturday of every month, each meeting will be planned by a different member of that particular chapter on a rotation basis, meetings can include primitive shopping, antique shopping, going out for lunch as a group, crafting day, crafting classes etc... whatever you can come up with that is FUN and agreed upon by your members.

The chapters are intended to bring together like minded gals, for friendship, crafting, learning, networking etc. I mean none of us can ever have too many FRIENDS can we?


  1. I think it's an awesome idea of Diane's... so glad she came up with it. I am the only one in my state that has signed up though. =[ I'm patiently waiting and trying to recruit.

    You all have fun with whatever you choose to do on your day!

  2. What a sweetheart you are Angie.. Thanks for posting about the chapters, I'm sure once I can get a director in place for your area the chapter will grow.. Hugs to you

  3. I just joined your blog, love it. I love the bonnets one post down they came out AWESOME!!!

    Your selling blog is fabulous!

    Prim Blessings,