Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy, busy, busy! These two little ones keep me on my toes! 
I watch both my grand children who are exactly 4 days apart! When they are napping I try to get in some crafting time. This doesn't always happen if they decide to nap at different times lol. Mikey and Ema can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans, but in the end spending time with them is well worth it! It will be something that I will always cherish. 
 I did manage to get a big order done for Mill Crest Vintage, where I painted 17 hanging watermelon! It wasn't an easy task with both of these babies teething. Paula was more than gracious when it took me a bit longer than I had planned to get  them out to her.

  I have naked dolls waiting for clothes, wood waiting to be cut and painted and so many new ideas in my head now I just need some free time to get it done. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I know the feeling! I watch my grandson two days a week at their house so I pack up my jammies and pillow and stay over there for a few days. That seriously cuts into my crafting time, but it is well worth it!! My grandson knows who his Grammie is! That means the world to me. Congrats on your big order. Your babies are just adorable!!

  2. Hey Karen
    They are so cute and yes they take time, cuz I watch the 4 of mine. But well worth it and they will always have memories of us. Don had his 60th b-day, check it out on my blog
    Love your BB