Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene's Wrath/ My non baby shower

The Farmers house that I did signs for

My Church minus the steeple :(

Bogue Inlet Pier
We got word that Irene was heading our way early last week. I kept trying to think positive, I was even saying we would have a baby shower/ hurricane party if necessary.  As we rolled further into the week, it was looking like it was going to be a serious storm, but I was holding my ground .. the baby shower was on. Thursday I received a phone call from walmart asking me if I wanted my cake, and meat tray a day early because they were closing! ( What walmart closing?? This is bad)  So with that in mind I had to cancel the shower for this past weekend and reschedule. Now I am thinking, hummm my daughter is 35 weeks pregnant, this storm sounds like it is going to be bad, yes I know how to deliver a baby, but do I want to deliver my grandson with my daughter not getting any pain meds. HECK NO!!!   The next step was to pack all the baby items in totes, finish up the laundry and get us pack to head out of here. Oh did I mention that I was in charge of the PAFA Fall Celebration  and The big Giveaway ? So I get on the phone and call wonder woman Brenda from the Rusty Thimble and tell her I need her help to put this all together, in turn she gets a hold of Deb Riddle of Paxton Valley Folk Art  and these to fabulous girls put together the celebration and giveaway on a shoe string. I didn't get all the information to them, and they had to scramble to get it all put together, I had sketchy phone service, and power outages where we fled to, and the internet was in and out. I have to give kuddo's  to these ladies for a job well done!  The members of  the PAFA Team on ETSY are the greatest! They pull together and help out their fellow team members!  They promote each others shops, and are just a wonderful bunch of creative prim artists!  I am so proud to be a part of the team!   So back to the storm, we stayed in Fayetteville for 2 nights, and headed home, we saw so much damage on our way home and we expected to come home to a mess. But God has blessed us so much during this storm. No baby yet .. Yahhhh, only screen damage on our porch, and a broken a/c unit.  The baby shower is on for this weekend, and I am going to tie my daughters legs together if I have to, so we can have this shower!  Pictures of the shower will follow. Here are a few of my newest prims that I have added to Etsy. Stop by and take a peek, more are in the works so please check back often!


  1. Oh wow, Karen - those pictures are devastating - but so glad to hear you're safely on the other side of Irene now. My thoughts and prayers going out for all those who were in her ugly path. Bummer about the shower...Hope your daughter (and grandson) hold out till next weekend! So kind of Brenda (she is a wonder, isn't she?!) and Deb for picking up the ball and running - looks like they did an incredible job! Hope you have a better week this week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Karen so glad you are ok
    Hey that is what team work is all about

  3. Karen,
    I am so glad you are all safe and that the baby did not come while you were away.
    You do have to love this team. They can pull it together at a moments notice.
    Glad your home. Stay cool.

  4. Oh my girl! So glad all is well now but what a scare! I had to laugh when you said you were going to tie your daughter's legs together, hahah! I know it's not a laughing matter because I'm sure it was a stressful week for you but I'm glad things were not worse. Hope life is getting back to normal now.