Monday, October 3, 2016

Helloooooooo Out there~!

I'm late again posting this week! I have been busy making snowmen! I guess that is the only way that I'm going to get any relief from this heat in NC!!! I'm a Buffalo girl living in a NC world. My body knows that it's supposed to be jeans and hoodie weather, but NC weather sure doesn't want to cooperate! It's 85 degrees today!  I am truly thinking that it is time to look into moving farther north! I miss the cool fall days, the leaves changing and to be honest, I miss the snow!  I'm tired of summers that are so hot that you don't even venture outside. I want summers that you can enjoy, and changes in the seasons!  I want to go Christmas shopping when it is snowing, and have a fire in the fire place on cool fall evenings. I guess I'm home sick.... Any how here are the snowmen that I have been working on. I hope you enjoy!  Don't forget you can always find me on Facebook. Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Adorable snowmen, one of my favorite winter items. We have been getting cooler temps here in Alabama, but still some hot weather as well. Looking forward to more cooler weather all of the time.

  2. Thank you Danice! I love snowmen too :D I have a new one that I want to get made up soon!!! I need to get to the store to get some supplies!

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